Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am Here

Life changes so suddenly and without warning. Three months back i had reached a level of indifference towards life that i never thought was possible. I would look back to the time i was 20 and wonder what had happened to that determination to find happiness in life. And just when I had achieved all that to outward appearances, was exactly what i wanted, i lost it. Literally. Anyway, the disllusionment has passed. I never thought THAT too would. And I am once again left with hope. Umeed pe duniya kayam hai. And its nice to grasp at it again, to feel its pervasive influence in every moment of my life.

Its with eagerness that i look to the year ahead. It is going to be a year of extreme unimagined change for me and for the people I know. I hope I come through the person i want to be. Would love to hear from anyone out there. How important is this pursuit of happiness to you? And how is life treating you?

with love


  1. i checked some other profile but how do i leave comments on their blog?

  2. Hey!!!

    Am so sorry for turning up so very reasons per se :)

    Loved the post for it's self contemplation...don't we all lose ourselves to find the lost self again? What is important that we find ourselves back :)

    Hope to see more from you dear :)

    PS To post a comment in other blogs u need to click on post a comment at the end of the post :)

  3. Heyyy!! Good to see u blogging... You echo my fav quote "Umeed pe duniya kayam hai"... so thanks!

    btw, u look absolutely gorgeous, M!

    The pursuit of happiness is in "RIGHT NOW" (well, thats what I feel like typing now!) :P

  4. I'd like to know more abt u... Your turn to do this tag now!! (hee hee, thats what u get for reading my info)

    And in the spirit of my above comment, do it now! or as Nike sez it.. Just do it! Lolz

  5. Mon, You know sometimes I think about that and Sigh ! I used to be so spunky, now I am too passive.

    Umeed pe duniya kayam hai.. Good ! There is hope for me too then !

  6. spike,i wouldlove to do this tag but it is gonna take mesome time. thanks for the comments - u make me feel more enthu :)

  7. hey ava
    thanks so much for leaving your comments. there is always that - hope. changes are small and seemingly infinitesimal though. I used the local trains after years - and dint find it so awful as i had kept imagining i would all this time. seems like a simple thing, but i sort of surprised myself by that as i intend to continue using it instead of cabs.

  8. Aha Monica! What time n all yaar... jaldi karo jaldi karo! If you can live with the locals of Bombay, doing the tag should be a walk in the park... hee hee!

    kidding... take ur time... but not too much, ok?

  9. Oye! Where did u disappear? Standing for elections or busy in IPL? :D

  10. MO, why dont u have ur email in ur profile?
    Can u pls send it 2 me